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What is MN CRP for QuickBooks® ?
MN CRP for QuickBooks® software is designed from the ground up to integrate with Intuit QuickBooks® so that any Minnesota landlord, or managing agent who uses QuickBooks® software will be able to quickly and easily generate the required Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) forms. These forms are required to be delivered to each person who has rented from them during the previous year unless the property is tax-exempt.

The process required to produce and deliver the Minnesota CRP forms to each tenant is highly time consuming and is a very tedious process that must be done each and every year. With our software, MN CRP for QuickBooks® we are about to automate and in the process totally revolutionize the way Minnesota Landlords and Property Managers fill out and even distribute their Minnesota CRP’s!

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"I can’t believe how much time and effort we saved by using this software. I highly recommend this software to anyone." Mark Smith.