MN CRP Basic


Our basic software package perfectly suited to the mid-size landlord with very powerful integration features and unlimited CRP Form Printouts.

MN CRP Basic works exclusively with your QuickBooks® Company File. You may have an unlimited number of rental properties that are scattered across town, or even across the state of Minnesota. As long as all of your data is contained in one QuickBooks® Company File and the rental property is owned by one single property owner, you may work with an unlimited number of rental properties! MN CRP Basic is recommended for landlords or property managers with more than 50 units owned by one person or company.

The Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) forms can be such a tedious hassle of double data entry. This can be eliminated with MN CRP Basic and truly become a thing of the past. Once installed and set up on your system you can be reviewing your CRP data on screen in minutes. All of your CRP form data is saved so you can review the forms at any time in the future providing you with a valuable digital record of your confidential data.

When it is time to purchase additional Email Forms, you are only a few clicks away. Your software and log in account are completely integrated allowing you to easily purchase any additional options at any time. Currently we offer the following MN CRP Basic Add-On Packages. If you are looking to save time and integrate your QuickBooks® data into the Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid forms.


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