MN CRP Premier


MN CRP Premier is our Flagship Product and has the ability to work with an unlimited number
of QuickBooks® Company Files, an unlimited number of Rental Properties, and integrates unlimited Free Email CRP
Form support!

MN CRP Premier works exclusively with an unlimited number of QuickBooks® Company Files. This software is geared
toward large property management companies and accountants who work with many different clients’ QuickBooks®
Company Files that need to produce the Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid Form. You are not limited to having all of your data in just one QuickBooks® Company File, which is perfect for property managers who manage separate rental property companies.

The Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) forms can be such a tedious hassle of double data entry. This is especially true when working with 50 or more Minnesota CRP forms. Much of the time it is a copy and paste method whereas with MN CRP Premier it is just a matter or syncing our software with all of your different QuickBooks® Company Files! The time you will save should be tremendous over cut and paste or manual methods! Once installed and set up on your system you can be reviewing your CRP data on screen in minutes. All of your CRP form data is saved so you can review the forms at any time in the future providing you and your clients with a valuable digital record of their confidential data.

As an added bonus exclusive to MN CRP Premier, all of your CRP Forms are saved to a separate PDF folder automatically eliminating the need to scan the form in later!

If you are looking to save time and integrate your QuickBooks® data into the Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid forms.

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